Make money selling hosting services

09-07-2024 à 04:09:38
If you register for an account on the list below and join the site affiliate program, then you can make money.
You make money when a user purchase hosting on a commission basis. Some services give rewards some don't.

How do i make money?
Selling premium services and services in most cases hosting.

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3 - Change urls /clientarea.php to /register.php
4 - Register an account in each
5 - Change urls /register.php to /affiliates.php
6 - Activate affiliate program
7 - Collect your affiliate link
8 - Open notepad and create a list
9 - Paste the list online

Possible errors:
- The supplied VAT Number is not valid.
- We do not currently offer an affiliate system to our clients.
- To create an account, please place an order with us.
- Your Account Is Currently Pending Approval.